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Criminal Cases and Bonds

Just about every sort of criminal case resulting in someone being charged with a crime involves a bond in Texas. A class C misdemeanor ticket usually does not involve a bond but only a citation specifying a date, time and place to appear to answer for the accusation. Most Texas counties have more than enough bail bonds officing near the courthouses. Once someone is placed in jail they are entitled to a bond. The bond is sometimes preset depending on the level of offense. Other times a magistrate will come in at a set time, usually in the morning, and set each person’s bond based on the particular crime charged and circumstances surrounding it. The person can then call a bondsman to set up a bond or call another person to get in touch with a bondsman and begin the process of bonding a person out. This is usually before the person has had a chance to look for the Hempstead criminal lawyer criminal defense lawyer that they can find.

Bondsman usually charge a flat ten percent fee of the amount of the bond. So a bond of $1,000 would require a $100 non-refundable payment to the bondsman. The bondsman acts as a surety to give the court assurance that a person will attend the court at the proper times. If a person decides not to attend the court hearings a bond revocation will occur and the bondsman will be held accountable for the full amount of the bond. They are usually very concerned in having up to date addresses of each of their clients. They also want their clients to appear in court each time in order to avoid having to be sued by the county and pay the full amount of the bond. The bondsman can turn and sue any co-signers but that it usually rare. Bond jumpers do happen and each county is slightly different in how they pursue charges on a case by case basis.

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Criminal Attorney

There are many legal fields spanning the United States court system. The more laws that get created the more these areas of law will develop and become complex. The government then has to grow in order to enforce the enormous amount of laws. Most people find themselves in need of one or several varieties of legal assistance from a number of various areas of law. This can be family law for divorce and child support. This can be a tax attorney for tax issues. There may be a need for a real estate attorney for property situations. An estate lawyer may draw up a will for a person. Then of course a person may need a criminal defense lawyer anywhere from speeding ticket to a murder charge. The popular criminal law charge that a person really needs an attorney for are DWI cases.

Criminal law is a lucrative area for attorneys. People who are accused of crimes go through a lot of stress initially and seek an attorney fairly quickly quite often. A problem for people is that they do not know the lawyer who they are hiring or that lawyer’s ability to get the best result possible for the situation at hand. When a person does not know a reliable lawyer to get an educated opinion then it is a roll of the dice on whether they will get the best outcome. There will always be a need for criminal defense lawyers in the U.S. The constitutional provision for our court system is a cherished and respected part of the U.S. government. it will not be going anywhere as long as the U.S. government stays in tact. Driving on the roadways in Texas can get into the legal system on way or another very quickly if you do not pay attention to the surroundings.